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Engagement Ring Guide
  1. The History of the Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring is a time-honoured tradition that we all know of. It is a ring that is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. It signifies that you are going to be married in the near future and shows a higher level of commitment to a partner. But how many of you know of where the ideal derives from? Why do we honour it? When was the idea formulated? If you don't know the answers to any of these questions, then read on and let us educate you. If you do, then aren't you a clever! But also feel free to read on.

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  2. Premier Diamonds and the JQ

    Premier Diamonds is a manufacturing and retail jewellery business that is family-run and has been based in the historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter for the last 30 years. The Jewellery Quarter has over 800 businesses, that include amazing jewellery stores, cafes, bars and even museums. It has also become a popular spot for young professionals, as it is in close proximity to Birmingham City Centre and transport links, as well as the best retailers.

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  3. A wedding proposal may happen in a number of different ways, it could be anything from a grand gesture, a romantic declaration or even a heartfelt discussion. It could be in a public place, in front of friends and family or be an intimate affair between the two people. But one thing stays the same, the diamond engagement ring. It is a tradition that may change in colour, shape or even clarity at times, but the sentiment remains the same, a diamond is an eternal symbol of love. But why is this and where does this stem from?

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