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Engagement Ring Guide
  1. 5 Facts About Eternity Rings

    From century to century, eternity rings symbolise an unbreakable bond of union and commitment. However, have you ever thought about the story of the rings’ origin? When were they created and what do they represent in different cultures? To answer all these questions, here at Premier Diamonds, we have put down 5 facts about eternity rings that will help you have a better understanding so that you can pick the right one for your loved one. After all, it’s a ring meant to last for all eternity!

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  2. The Best Honeymoon Destinations


    What are the most romantic places to visit in the world for a honeymoon? Where are the best beaches to relax together on? Where is it possible to be adventurous yet enjoy being together? What if you're on a budget? Well, we thought we would compile a list to help you to decide, regardless of what your requirements may be.

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  3. Wedding season is well and truly here, which means that many will be deciding which style of wedding ring to go for. The choices can be overwhelming but it stems down to whether you want a plain band or diamond set wedding band? Well, both are beautiful in their own right but it’s a decision that you will have to stick to for the rest of your marriage. So you better be certain! To help you make a decision we have compiled a list of pros and cons for both

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  4. 7 Useful Tips To Know When Wedding Planning

    Now that you've said 'yes', what happens next?

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