A Post from the Pros - June Edition

This month, we are continuing our exciting new blog series at Premier Diamonds, 'A Post from the Pros’ blog series. If you haven't read our latest post, let us explain, each month we will be partnering with a brilliant Birmingham-based business and asking them important questions regarding all things wedding!

To continue adding to wedding fever, this month we are partnering with a cake designer to help you with your search for the perfect wedding cake! The second partnership for our blog series is with the fantastic Daisy & Fred.

A huge thank you to them for kindly answering our questions, take a read of the interview below!

1. How long has your business been established?

I have been in business since September 2014 but I have been baking since 2009. In this time I’ve won three international cake awards, been featured in various different publications, trained to become a sugarcraft demonstrator and had a baby.

2. How do you deliver a unique experience for your customer?

My ethos is all about uniqueness, I believe a wedding should reflect the personalities of the two people getting married. To create a personal Cake for strangers is difficult so I take the time to get to know the couple. I invite them round to eat cake and drink tea, we talk about their theme and ideas, and as we do this I’m slowly creating an image in my head of what their Cake could look like. Usually, it exceeds what the couple think is possible to do with Cake and sugar, but who wants to be bland when you can stand out?

3. How much freedom does your client have in terms of the design of the Cake?

Absolutely loads; usually clients will ‘give me an inch’ and I’ll ‘take a mile’. Meaning they have a basic idea of what they want but aren’t really sure how to put it together or how to expand on it - that’s where I come in. I’ll take their ideas and run with it, then I’ll sketch out the picture in my head so that they too can see the ‘crazy’ inside my head, and we go from there. Usually, it’s bang-on but on the rare occasion, we’ll make a few tweaks as at the end of the day I only want to make a design the couple is happy with.

4. Do you have a fixed price or is it dependant on each customer?

I have a fixed based price for the amount of tiers a Cake will have, but as every design is different so is every price. It really depends on detail and the amount of time it takes to do all the detail. Sugar flowers can take days to make so as the old saying goes ‘time is money’ whereas something like my three tier fondant fancies cake I know inside and out so this Cake, for example, has a set price.

5. On average, how long should a customer order their cake from you in order for it to be ready for their wedding?

Whilst every Cake is made within three or four days of the wedding, bookings should be made up to 18 months for peak wedding season and can be taken as little as three months for off-peak.

6. How long does it take to make your cakes?

Again, it comes down to detail. I can make a naked/semi-naked cake in a day or two but, taking my two-sided Star Wars Cake, for example, that’s basically two cakes.  One side had an awful lot of detailed characters, hand painting, modelling and small elements, and the other side had handmade flowers, delicate lace and a super smooth finish. This Cake took me nearly five days.

7. What are the most common questions (and answers) you are asked by your clients?

*Do I have to have fruitcake? Hell no! Is always my answer. It’s an old traditional thing but no-one likes fruitcake!

*What is the most popular flavour? Vanilla with strawberry jam is always a crowd pleaser, but whose wedding is it? My latest, and new favourite flavour, is earl grey and lavender. Yes, it sounds like your granny’s old perfume, but it is AMAZING!!! I also do beer and bacon, pina colada, bubble gum and gin and lime to name but a few.

*(when design and flavours are sorted) what’s next? I require a deposit of just £50 to reserve their date and the balance is due four weeks before (I send out a reminder) then I take care of everything. You tell me when and where to be and I’ll be there with the Cake of your dreams.

8. What advice would you give to your clients for their wedding day?

Make sure you do it your way! Your Mom, Dad, Aunty Shiela and the neighbour's cat will all have an opinion about what you ‘should’ be doing on YOUR big day. Only you guys know what you should be doing. They may all think you’re crazy with your ideas but, when it all comes together they’ll be like ‘ahh I get it now, it makes so much sense from you guys’.

Also, delegate, delegate, delegate. Make the most of the best man, bridesmaids and ushers. It’s your big day so make sure it works without you having to do any work.

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