Now that 2018 is drawing to a close, we couldn’t think of a better time to write a blog based on the most popular jewellery trends of the year. There’s been some we love, some we’d rather leave in 2018 and some that we think will be sticking around for years to come. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the first on our list…


1. Pinky rings

Coming in at number one is the return of the pinky ring! Oh yes, 2018 saw more and more people opting to make a subtle statement with their jewellery in the form of pinky rings. This 90s trend has proven to be popular among both men and women and the pieces themselves have been worn in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you were looking for a simple band or a statement ring, the pinky finger can wear it all!


2. Cuff earrings

If you haven’t heard anything about cuff earrings this year, we’re pretty sure you’ve been living under a rock… The cuff earring began it’s popularity amongst women in 2018 and has slowly branched out to include men. The great thing is, no piercing required! If you’re looking to add an edgy finish to your outfit, it appears that cuffs have been the go-to piece of jewellery to do just that.


3. Hoop earrings

Of course, we couldn’t have a top jewellery trends of 2018 list without including the infamous hoop earrings. Now, although they crept back in-trend a couple of years ago, it seems that 2018 has really cemented them as ladies’ ‘could not live without’ piece of jewellery and to be honest, we can’t see them going anywhere for a while. It seems that there are no limits to hoop earrings, the size, colour, shape, we’ve seen it all in 2018 and long may they live on!


4. Pendants

The traditional pendant necklace made a comeback! Indeed it did, they have been extremely popular this year and we think they’re only just getting started. Whether they are showcased on short chains or long chains, gold or silver, they have been EVERYWHERE and we cannot get enough of them! A simple pendant goes a long way and there’s no better statement to make than with an elegant but dazzling pendant necklace, take it from us…


5. Anklets

You may not believe it, we know it’s quite a surprise, but anklets reached the top jewellery trends of 2018! We have a feeling it’s down to the 6-month summer we had… If only every year could be the same. If you wanted to continue the trend into 2019, dust off one of your old bracelets that were always too big for you and you’ve got yourself an anklet.


6. Chain link bracelets

The 80s were back with the vengeance this year in the form of the chunky chain link bracelets that we’ve been seeing everywhere! They’ve been in the form of curb chain, box chains, rope and snake chains and the infamous belcher bracelets, yes, they have been everywhere! A statement piece that may not be to everyone’s taste but they have certainly made an impact on the trends this year.


7. Halo rings

We’ve saved the best until last in our opinion, the fabulously elegant halo ring. What was only considered to be the perfect engagement ring has actually proven to be more diverse than we first thought. If you’re looking to give that wow factor to those you encounter, but may not have the budget to spend, the halo ring has been THE choice. With the given appearance of a bigger diamond/gemstone, this clever piece of jewellery dazzles wherever it goes!


There we have it, some of the top jewellery trends of 2018 in a nutshell! Which will you be taking into the new year and which are you glad to see the back of in 2018? Let us know!


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