What wedding set suits me?

Wedding rings are one of the most personal pieces of jewellery you may own which is why it’s so important to find the perfect set to suit you and your relationship. With wedding season on the way, we thought you could use some advice on finding and choosing a wedding set that will suit you both. So, if you’re in the midst of wedding planning, this blog may give you a little helping hand in checking the wedding set off the ‘to do’ list. Take a read…

Initially, we want to categorise the main preferences there are when it comes to selecting wedding sets. In our own opinion, we believe there are around 5 main preference styles. These are:


1. Traditional and Elegant

The most classic and traditional style of rings that are still so popular would be a solitaire diamond design. The most classic style of the solitaire ring is usually with a plain band. No matter what, this design doesn’t seem to go out of fashion and paired with a channel set diamond wedding band is sure to bring the wow-factor. If you’re looking for an understated glamour from your wedding set, this style will surely bring that.


2. Modern and Stylish

You may be someone that is looking to follow the latest trends and show off more of your outgoing personality. This is usually done with the halo set diamond rings, thanks to the way in which the diamonds are set, the overall effect is a dazzling one. With an engagement ring that stands out in the way a halo ring will, it’s usually a popular choice to have a more subtle wedding band, either plain or incorporating small diamonds in a more subdued way. One thing is for sure, the halo wedding set will always turn heads.


3. Nature Lover and Free Spirited

For those who are more interested in being one with nature and experience the outdoors with their loved one, a gorgeous crossover diamond ring usually does an excellent job of representing this. A similar wedding band to match will create the perfect illusion of vines and is a very special way of displaying your personality and relationship. There is also the gorgeous wishbone style wedding band that also offers more of a unique and interesting look to your wedding set.


4. Romantic and Timeless

We all have a piece of jewellery that makes our hearts fill with joy and our eyes fill with, well, tears most likely. So for those hopeless romantics out there, a beautiful 3 stone engagement ring brings both traditional and modern styles together beautifully. This ring really is timeless and there’s no fear of this becoming outdated. Pair it with a grain set diamond wedding band and you’re onto a winner.


5. Outgoing and Making a Statement

For all of the loved up couples wishing to declare their love in all ways possible, making a statement with your wedding set is the perfect way to do so. A cluster diamond engagement ring is a great place to start. When you’re wearing this, there are not many other topics of conversation that will be as interesting…


If you would like some more advice on finding the perfect diamond wedding set, please do not hesitate to get in touch.