A Post From The Pros - September Edition

Welcome to another edition of the ‘A Post from the Pros’ blog. A reminder to you newcomers, each month we are partnering with a brilliant Birmingham-based business to discuss all the important questions regarding all things wedding!

This week we are getting all flowery as we spoke with Jen from the fantastic florists In Bloom located in the Jewellery Quarter. So let’s jump straight into the questions!

How long have you been doing floral arrangements?

We have been based in the Jewellery Quarter and creating floral arrangements for 12 years now!

How do you deliver a unique experience for your customers?

No two customers are the same, especially when it comes to weddings. We have a 1-1 consultation where we sit down and chat about everything. We establish if there is a theme or specific style the bride and groom want to achieve and how we can incorporate this into the flower designs. We discuss the venue, colour, texture and everything in between! From here we generate a quote for our bride and grooms and are there every step of the way until the big day!

How much freedom does your client have in terms of the floral design?

Our clients have plenty of freedom in their floral design. We use the initial consultation and further communications to ensure we capture what the bride and groom are envisaging their florals to be. We are here to take away any stress when it comes to preparing bridal flowers and hope that our clients feel comfortable and confident working with us.

Do you have a fixed price or is it dependant on each customer?

We do not offer fixed prices for bridal flowers. Cost depends very much on size, stems and even the seasons

On average how much time in advance would a customer need to contact you to prepare a floral arrangement for their wedding?

This really depends. The longer you leave it to secure a date the more likely the date will already be booked, especially if you are getting married on a weekend. I would advise contacting us 1 year to 9 months before the big day. This gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and start planning. However, we can cater for last minute if we are available, I still wouldn’t advise leaving less than 8 weeks!

What are the most common questions (and answers) you are asked by your clients?

A lot of clients initially like to find out what the process for booking a wedding florist is and if there are specific costs.

A lot of questions relate to what event styling we can offer (i.e. urns, candelabras, vases, trees etc.) of which we have all and much more available!

Other questions include are we familiar with their chosen venue and what actually happens in regards to delivering the flowers on the morning of the wedding…logistics mainly!

What's the strangest request you've had for a wedding arrangement?

We love a bit of strange and have incorporated many ‘themes’ into weddings including bouquets of fruit, dinosaur terrariums and even lego superheroes. Weddings flowers should be tailor made to the couple getting married and we love including things that are important to them

What advice would you give to your clients for their wedding day?

Employ suppliers that make you feel comfortable, confident and that you trust

Some great and honest answers from Jen and the In Bloom team, thanks again for taking part! Until next time...