A Post from the Pros - July Edition

We are continuing on with our 'A Post from the Pros' blog series. If you haven't seen our previous blogs then let us explain. Each month we are partnering with a brilliant Birmingham-based business to discuss all the important questions regarding all things wedding!
This month, we're focus on wedding beauty by partnering with a wedding MUA. The perfect person to help you in your search to get the perfect wedding makeup. Our third partnership for our blog series is MUA, Jaineesha.
1. How long have you been doing wedding makeup?
I’ve been doing makeup for 7 years. I’ve always had a passion for makeup and weddings and knew from my teens that I would want a profession within the wedding industry. My husband says I’m obsessed with weddings even after planning my wedding 6 years ago. Having a dance background, I’ve been around makeup from a young age and I think that’s where the passion started. Watching America’s Next Top Model showed me how many different options there are for makeup artists to make a career. 
2. How do you deliver a unique experience for your customers?
Each bride is different, with a different personality and different vision for their wedding day. For me, it’s not just about creating a bridal look because she’s a bride. It’s about creating the perfect bridal look that not only enhances her natural features but also captures her personality and vision for the Big Day.
I offer trials for Brides who want to book one before their Big Day which can last up to three hours. This isn’t just a chance for me to understand what the bride wants but also a chance for us to get to know each other. The first few hours of the Bride's Big Day are spent with a makeup artist so I really feel we both need to be able to click and connect. I find a lot of my brides say that they felt like they’ve spent their morning with a friend. That’s when I know I’ve gone above and beyond for my Bride. 
3. How much freedom does your client give you in terms of their wedding makeup?
This purely depends on the Bride and her personality. I have some Bride’s who book me without a trial and the first time we meet is on the wedding day. Sometimes we exchange images of inspiration, other times brides will give me full freedom. I do find this is the when my work is at its best. I feel like I’m not limited and can get creative with keeping the Bride's facial features and personality in mind. My aim is to always make sure the bride still looks like herself and feels comfortable.
I also have some brides who book a trial before they book me for the wedding day. This is a good way for us to get to know each other, and also very good for brides who have never worn a full coverage makeup look or had their hair styled. Brides who know what they want will come well prepared to the trial with lots of images and ideas. This is great, however, it's best to have a few ideas rather than a large array of images that pick up on different styles. Going back to the question, this completely depends on the bride herself, I definitely get a mix of both and also brides who are happy to listen and take advice. It’s definitely a two-way relationship, and the look is created together. 
4. On average, how much in advance should a customer book you for their wedding?
For peak wedding season I have brides who book 18 months in advance. I’m also already getting enquiries for 2020! However, it’s always best to check as I may be available. Some dates get snapped up quicker than others. 
5. Do you have different wedding makeup packages that you offer or do you alter to what the client needs? 
I offer different packages according to events as the type of makeup and dressing can differ. I allocate three hours per bridal so that the desired look can be achieved and also we aren’t rushing to finish on time. 
6. What are the most common questions (and answers) you are asked by your clients? 
Not sure if I have a common question or answer. All brides are so different and bring with them different experiences and visions for their Big Day. The only advise I can give is relax and enjoy! 
7. What advice would you give to your clients for their wedding day?
Relax and enjoy. You spend so much time planning and it’s over before you know it. Once you’ve planned everything don’t worry, what’s going to happen will happen, as long as you enjoy the day and you're married to the love of your life that’s all that matters! 
8. What’s the strangest request you’ve had for wedding makeup?
Oh, not sure I’ve had a strange request. I think before booking, a bride has seen my work so knows what to expect and also what I am able to create. If you look through my Instagram you won’t see brides with thick foundation or intricate colourful eye makeup as this doesn’t fit with my style and also there are other artists who are better at that style than me. For me it’s all about creating a natural looking flawless base as this can make or break a look. 
9. What’s your favourite kind of makeup look?
Oh I have so many! I love creating a natural looking flawless base. I also love creating a matte smokey eye, with a smokey liner and matte nude lip. This is my favourite type of makeup look. I feel it can work with any type of outfit and any event especially if a bride has a quick changeover time inbetween events. The nude lip can be changed to a red lip in the evening to create a completely different look! 
Advise for brides
  1. Relax and enjoy
  2. Invest in wedding insurance 
  3. Book your desired wedding suppliers sooner rather than later 
  4. Try not to follow trends, and go with what your comfortable with. You don’t want to look back at your photos 20 years later and think why did I do that! 
  5. If you don’t think you’re good at planning, invest in a wedding planner! It will make planning easier and also the day will just flow. 

Many thanks to Jaineesha for the great advice. Until next time...