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The Best Honeymoon Destinations

You have the ring, everything for the wedding day is booked and ready to go. Now comes the tough decision of where to go for the honeymoon.

What are the most romantic places to visit in the world for a honeymoon? Where are the best beaches to relax together on? Where is it possible to be adventurous yet enjoy being together? What if you're on a budget? Well, we thought we would compile a list to help you to decide, regardless of what your requirements may be.

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Want the ultimate romantic location? The one you dreamed of, with the crystal-clear waters, picturesque surroundings and temperatures us English people dream of? Then Bora Bora is the destination for you! The small island located north-west of Tahiti in French Polynesia was recently voted one of the best islands in the world by US News and World Report. So it may take you a little over a day to get there from England, but it's paradise! You can enjoy activities such as scuba-diving, staying in a bungalow that is perched over the water on stilts, visiting a dormant volcano or you could lounge in the sun.

2. Ibiza, Spain

If you and your new husband/wife love to lounge on the beach then Ibiza may be the option for you. This city within Spain has a lot more to it than the all-night parties. It also is home to a vast amount of quiet villages, yoga retreats and beautiful beaches. There is a grand total of 80 beaches within this Balearic island, one of the most notable for honeymooners would be Cala Xuclar. As it is the beach where you can get away from it all. Small, littered with fisherman huts and it is the ideal place to go snorkelling. Making this private location perfect for relaxing and exploring. The best thing is that you can reach Ibiza from England in under 3 hours!

3. Vancouver Island, Canada

If you and your partner like to be a little more active on holiday then heading to Vancouver Island may be ideal. You can go hiking, biking, sailing, surfing or even camping within this island known for its sea sports and mild climate. It is no wonder that it is a paradise for travellers seeking adventure! This for those that prefer to pack an anorak and walking boots over a bikini and flip-flops! It is British Columbia's biggest city, so the adventures will be constant. It takes just under 12 hours to get to Vancouver Island from London, well worth it for the adventure!

4. Kyoto, Japan

When you think of Japan, your first thought may be Tokyo but Kyoto is the perfect place to visit for a honeymoon. As you are able to get the romantic vision of Japan. Less frenetic than Tokyo but just as picturesque, is the former capital of Japan. This city is a great place to soak up some culture. With formal traditions such as kaiseki dining, which is a dinner that consists of multiple courses presented in a skilled manner; as well as peaceful traditional gardens, shrines and a vast amount of temples. Another tradition you can find in the Gion district is a geisha, or two. Another  The nearest airport to Kyoto is Osaka, which takes around 15 hours to get to from London.

5. Rovinj, Croatia

Sometimes you may want to get more for your money and Croatia is the ideal place to do that in! Perfect for those wanting to relax in the sun in a city that is still not used to tourists. Rovinj is a Croatian fishing port that has beaches, great restaurants and the ability to enjoy the great city via bike tracks. You could even go sailing, scuba diving or fishing, safe in the knowledge that you are enjoying it all on a budget.

Regardless of what honeymoon you go for, make sure to enjoy it with your significant other by taking that sunscreen and getting your travel vaccinations in time!