5 Facts About Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have long symbolised an unbreakable bond of union and commitment. 

Being a ring to showcase your love lasting forever, it’s vital that an eternity ring is a style that won’t simply go out of fashion after a couple of years.

This is why eternity rings often have a simplistic, timeless design to ensure it’s a style that will never look out of place, whatever the decade.

But, have you ever considered the origin of the eternity ring? Are they are a more modern concept, or have they been a gift of true love for many years?

To find out more about the design, the team here at Premier Diamonds have explored the trend for eternity rings, and will hopefully help you to decide if they’re something you’d like to invest in for your significant other.

  1. Everything started in Egypt...

The Egyptians used rings simply as a token of both eternal love and life.

Traditionally, they wore engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that it contained a vein which led to the heart. 

Because unbroken circles represent the idea of eternity perfectly, rings were made of a rather ordinary circle of metal. 

In Ancient Rome, men often gave rings that were adorned with a small key, making the ring the symbolic key to his heart.

  1. Can I have your foot in marriage?

Couples in England, France and the U.S. wear their wedding rings on their left hand, but did you know, couples in Germany and Russia prefer the right hand. 

However, not all cultures wear wedding rings on their ring fingers at all. 

Some Indian traditions require a bride to wear a toe ring instead. 

Although the way of wearing the ring may vary, the meaning it represents is universal; everlasting love.

  1. It’s a rich man’s world

Men traditionally gave rings to women to signify that they could support them financially, as this was a symbol that they could afford the cost that came with the ring.

The ring was given along with a purse of gold coins to reinforce their monetary prowess. 

While many things might have changed, there still seems to be an unwritten rule that a man should spend at least 1 month’s salary on the ring!

In fact, we still hear this quite a lot from customer’s of ours, when they’re shopping for a beautiful eternity ring.

In today’s world, the symbol of the eternity ring is still an icon for the ‘circle of life’, given when the couple welcomed their first child into the world by birth or adoption. 

With this new meaning, whether you use an eternity ring as an engagement ring or as a gift of love, it has a real sentimental and emotional meaning behind it.

  1. The dreaded answer

A recent study revealed that 28% of women would say “no” to your proposal if they didn’t like the ring.

Whilst this may seem extreme, it is important to remember that the ring must suit the couple’s unique style and taste – after all, it’s intended to be worn for a lifetime. 

  1. Goldfinger

Gold has long been known as the most ‘pure’ and valuable metal, making it a perfect choice to symbolise everlasting love and marriage.

White gold and platinum are often more popular choices in today’s market, with diamonds the most popular gemstone for eternity rings.

Of course, there are also more unique options when it comes to gemstones. 

You can invest in rubies, sapphires and emeralds instead, which makes for a more colourful option to the simplistic diamond style.

Eternity rings are one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to the person you love. 

Don’t just wait for the marriage because every day is the right time to share your love with your beloved.

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