Kiss, Marry, Avoid - 3 Points to consider for your Valentine’s Proposal

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Around 40% of engagements take place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. In fact, behind Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular date for proposals


And, why not? After a Christmas period full of memory-making with your loved ones, a day dedicated to showing your partner how much you love them is the perfect occasion to pop the question.


It’s unlikely you’ll marry the same person twice; so making the proposal one to remember (as well as persuasive) requires some thought - but don’t overthink it! 


In this blog, we’ll advise on the best stone & metal choice for the ring, how to keep your mind on what’s important, and what to avoid doing, so you can get down on one knee in full confidence! 


Kiss - The ring

Not literally (unless your partner’s the Pope), but love & happiness aside, the ring is arguably the most exciting part of an engagement. Of all the reasons that your partner would agree to marry you, not many are as persuasive as the perfect ring!

Here’s some ideas to help with your choice:


  • Centre-Stone: You’ll struggle to find someone who doesn’t approve of white diamond - it may be a popular choice, but that doesn’t mean the ring can’t be unique. If you’d prefer a gemstone with a similar look to diamond, take a look at sapphire or morganite. 


  • Band Metal: White Gold is the go-to choice. Rose Gold is increasingly popular with it’s blush-tone appeal, and Platinum is always a good choice for its durability. 


Marry - That’s the aim!

Getting married can be daunting for anyone, with there being so many things to consider. But if you’re at the stage in your relationship where you want to marry your partner, proclaim your love and spend your life in happiness with them - never forget that this is the most important thing!


It’s so easy to get stressed over trivial things: 

What if it’s not surprising enough? What if they don’t like the ring? What if they say no?! 

Just remember, you’re proposing because you’re in love. If it feels like the right time to tie the knot, then don’t waste time worrying about the proposal and doubting yourself; envisage how happy the both of you will be once they say yes. 

If your partner wants to marry you, they will!


Avoid - Clichés

Proposing isn’t easy. There’s no right way of doing it, everyone’s partner appreciates different things. Sometimes, the more creative the better; sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple. 


You know best what your partner does and doesn’t like, but if you’re struggling, do ask friends and family for ideas. Don’t go for clichés. They may seem romantic in the films, but that doesn’t make them reliable; in reality, they can be a little too cheesy and lack the genuine surprise factor. 


A perfect example is The Champagne Glass - where the ring sits at the bottom of your partner’s glass for them to discover. 


An affluent setting, candles lit, music in the background, a lovely meal - sounds like the perfect time, right? Only issue is, we’ve seen & heard it time and time again… in rom-coms, sit-coms; maybe someone you know’s Mum. 


As lovely as the setting and timing may be, the champagne glass lost it’s surprise value decades ago. If an evening in a restaurant seems like the perfect time, consider consulting the staff in advance - it’s likely they’ve seen this method plenty of times, so they may have a better suggestion!

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